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Glazing Policy:


Included Glazes:


Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all standard courses will include dipping glazes only.

Premium glazes are not included in standard courses unless specified.


Additional Glazing Options:


Students enrolled in standard courses who wish to use brushing glazes may do so at an additional charge of $5 per small piece. Please inquire for pricing on larger pieces.

Premium glazes and brushing glazes are available for purchase separately.


Workshops and Special Courses:


Workshops such as mug glazing and lamp carving will include all glazing options, including brushing and premium glazes, as part of the workshop fee. Intermediate pottery includes premium glazing for all pieces regardless of size. 


Beginner courses such as the 6-week intro to wheel throwing and 4-week intro to wheel throwing will only include dipping glazes as part of the course fee.

Premium Glazes:


Premium glazes, when available, may incur an additional fee. Please refer to specific course or workshop details for information on premium glazes inclusion and pricing.

Usage Guidelines:


All glazes, whether dipping, brushing, or premium, must be used in accordance with studio guidelines and instructions provided by instructors.

Students are responsible for properly applying and handling glazes to achieve desired results.




Glaze options and availability may vary depending on studio inventory and course offerings.

Students are encouraged to inquire about glaze options and pricing prior to enrollment if clarification is needed.

Refund Policy:


Glaze fees are non-refundable once applied to pottery pieces.

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